autoaptitude are some scripts for manage installed packages via aptitude.


You can get autoaptitude in differend ways:

git clone

~$ mkdir bin
~$ cd bin
~/bin$ git clone git://
~/bin$ cd autoaptitude

svn checkout

If you didn’t have git installed, but subversion, use github SVN gateway:

~$ mkdir bin
~$ cd bin
~/bin$ svn checkout
~/bin$ cd autoaptitude

download with wget

If you didn’t have git or subversion, you can use wget:

~$ mkdir bin
~$ cd bin
~/bin$ wget
~/bin$ unzip
~/bin$ rm
~/bin$ mv jedie-autoaptitude-XXXXXXX autoaptitude

—You must change XXXXXXX to the current git hash value ;)—


create packagelist.txt

~$ cd bin/autoaptitude
~/bin/autoaptitude$ ./

A new packagelist.txt file would be created.

After this, you can edit the packagelist.txt.
e.g. remove all packages you didn’t need.

apply packagelist.txt

To cleanup you system, apply the packageslist.txt with:

~/bin/autoaptitude$ sudo ./

This script call aptitude two times.
You must confirm before your system will be changed.

It’s a good idea to update the packages list with aptitude update before!


The scripts based on:

  • github project page:
  • german info: (de)